Month: May 2016

Over the Threshold

Over the Threshold

You had me cover my eyes as we crossed
the threshold to your home,
Oh, I always forget that it’s now ‘our’ home.
It never felt like mine, you know? It rather
felt as if I was on a display, there for every
one to see, and my vision snatched away
from me by a cloth around my eyes.
I never knew what it was to be impaired,
growing up despising control. I
couldn’t live like that, you know?
Bound by chains so strong they couldn’t
be visible to the naked eye. But, they were
there. Unseen,
but there. On display for everyone to see.
I struggled to get rid of them.
Those cuffs around my wrists were
suffocating, chafing skin and veins,
binding me to you even more.
Tried hard to make people realise how I was living in a cage.
I was a bird with my wings cut off;
The people around me were blind, and
maybe even dumb and deaf, because
none of them ever raised their voices for me, the noise of gossip was decibels much higher than my pleas.
My scars were visible, even the band aid couldn’t fix them.
Permanence was temporary, just like the
marks around my eyes and the scars
covering my wrists, beneath,
there was me,


My very first collaboration with Saloni Mhapsekar.

Art by: Saloni Mhapsekar. (Check her out on Instagram, @saloniquietlybrilliant )



Series of unfortunately fun events. 

1st may, 2016.

We went to equal streets, a group of 8 people. We left from there in half an hour, and debated for another half on where to have lunch, because it was supposed to be a day out for us.

We go to antiSOCIAL by auto, a horrible decision of the many taken today.

We then decided to lunch at Prithvi Cafe, which was 6 km away, so we got in another round of autos, three autos for 8 people.

The problem here, it was only 10:15 am, so they weren’t ready to serve lunch as yet.

We then decided to head over to juhu beach, which was a 2 minute walk from where we were.

We went to juhu and being so smart, we went inside the water, wearing jeans and shoes, totally non beach attire. So when we came back, we bought 5 bottles of water, and some more to wash our hands and feet and the jeans that had been covered in sand.

Then we headed back to the cafe, and ordered LOADS of food. Enough to feed an army.


At the end, we asked for the bill. I won’t tell you the amount, but we LITERALLY EMPTIED OUR POCKETS, even one and two rupee coins. We were still short of 13 rupees.


The manager, being an angel, waved it off but we still felt guilty as hell ALSO we now were totally BROKE!!! How to go home??

Then, we got some free wifi GOD BLESS YOU WIFI OWNER! and then we ordered Uber and got home and then paid up the fare.


Story over I now have boils from soaked feet all over my feet and I’m still covered in sand and tired as fuck.