Letter to an inspiration

Letter to an inspiration

Hi, hello, namaste.

It’s been three months (and a bit more) since Talk-a-Thon, and last night, I realized that I didn’t really thank you enough for being there, coming for the event and be there for the Talk Show, it was my dream to have you and Shamir there. I couldn’t really talk at that time, mostly because I was feeling all jittery to have two people, whom I respect so much, there in front of me, talking to everyone and making them comfortable, especially after I’d told everyone what an amazing person you are. Everyone was, may I say, shocked, but your humbleness, and that too coming from a person who has achieved so much in life, and inspired so many people on the way.

Harnidh, you are an inspiration, one that forces people to get up and about, to pull up their socks, and work for their goals, and strive towards perfection. Be it the way you carry yourself, or the way you respond to questions, love, hate, and still are so down to earth. I actually remember asking you if I could hug you and you laughed and hugged me, it was one of the nicest feelings ever, like I’d been holding a mini Oscar.

Today, on Women’s Day, I cannot really thank you for existing, for being an ask.fm user (verified hein), or just simply being there. Reading your answers, your blog, whenever I am feeling that I should just quit writing because I don’t really get the output of the input I put in. But then  I read your poetry, try to grasp the way you have written in, so beautiful, and I try to inculcate that into my own writings, I can be proud of calling you a role model for me. You are so beautiful, and that million dollar smile you wear, it’s something I can really look at all day, and smile.

I wish you all the very best for your book, and perhaps, sometime in the future, I could have one of mine on the way too. Hehe, stay awesome, and just, don’t ever change.

Thank you, Harnidh, for being what you are. x


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