A letter to my 10 y/o self

Hey, you know what, you’re going to be amazing. Also you’re going to grow fat. Yes, this bony structure of yours will be covered in fat, and you’ll be unhappy, mostly with yourself, but with the world around you too.

Hey, but that’s not the only thing! You are the Head Girl right now, and it doesn’t really matter if you punched that girl in yoga class, or how you slipped down the stairs and cried. It definitely won’t matter.

You’re going to be a great writer in the making, I can assure you that. Remember the poem you wrote, in the third grade? Well, that’s a terrific one! You also are going to be a bit of an internet celebrity, with a hundred people complimenting you on your smile, your eyes, your hair, or whatever. It’s temporary. Don’t fall for it. All those people won’t matter to you.

You have an amazing circle of friends at school, but they won’t be there forever. You’ll meet so many new and better people in your life later, in college.

Hey, I hope you don’t waste your time on the internet when you have to study, but we aren’t the ones to listen to anybody, are we?

There will be so many people who will leave you, your best friend will change residence, to over 4000 kilometers away. But, you will keep in touch. You know, you will meet so many amazing people in college, you’re going to have a blog site, and may be, just may be, a novel coming up.

I really won’t tell you to ignore the voices coming from the adjacent room. You know very well how to do that. I’m going to tell you to go with the flow, and you have most probably made all he right choices in life, and some very very wrong ones.

But, you are strong, and beautiful, and intelligent. You can do it.

In six years, you have changes a lot, but the inner spark still remains. Good luck.


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