Peas in a Pod

Peas in a Pod

When I look back on how we’d met, I remember
staring into deep black eyes,
resembling an undiscovered abyss.

I remember asking you your name,
I remember asking you again,
because I just couldn’t pronounce it!

Now, it’s funny, may be
because I still can’t pronounce it right.

Now that I reflect on those memories,
created months ago,
I remember how we’d bunked for the first time.
I remember how we’d clicked photos and wandered around,
not knowing our way around
the new mysterious place we called college.

I remember staring into your deep dark eyes,
that endless abyss,
and opening up to you.
I remember how you made me feel comfortable
in that brand new hell hole.

How we’d go everywhere together.
Do everything together,
and we still do.

How we grew so close,
almost like,
peas in a pod,
those memories, those experiences.

How I made you learn my signature,
How I’d make you wait,
How I’d drag you to the canteen,

I remember hearing that laugh,
full of warmth, mirth, and uncritical
at my poor sense of humour.

You’ve cried with me at my worst,
and you’ve rejoiced in my happiness.
You’ve hugged me at my lowest,
and you’ve hugged me at my highest.

I bet I’ll never find someone like you,
You’ve etched yourself to be a part
of my soul, my memories, my everything.

We’ve made so many memories,
they’ll take up an entire novel.
But, take my word for this,
never will I leave you, ever.
May be we’ll create a sequel to our imaginary novel.

Cheers to you, gujjuben.
Forever yours,


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