The Spotlight

  • Have you ever realised,
    how apt is the phrase, that goes
    “May I bring to your notice…”, is?
    Because it does do that.
    It tells us too see what we once overlooked,
    and never fails in helping us grow.
    For we have these new possibilities
    Of seeking and seeing and discovering new things,
    that were so unnoticed by everyone,
    Yet you stand out proudly in the spotlight
    And yell out to the world.
    And in return you are showered with so much of attention.
    That may be, only sometimes,
    You grow weary of the attention,
    And may be, only sometimes,
    You want to crawl back into being unnoticeable, hiding behind dark shadows
    Only to follow in their footsteps.
    When someone may bring you to their notice,
    Or may stumble on you.
    For who knows, you’re not a leader, you’re only a shadow lurking in a deep
    dark abyss,
    And you’re meant for it.
    But that one ray of sunshine, that one speck of dust that moved away when you had someone’s attention,
    Enough to prevent you from being rusty
    And smile and please.
    But may be, only sometimes,
    You are done with it all.
    You crawl back into safety,
    Away into that deep dark abyss.
    The spotlight is for someone else now.

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