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You look at the pictures

on the wall, stuck using tape

and smiles on those faces.

Radiating happiness as you remember

the mirth and your carefree selves.

Broken teeth and hands around

each others shoulders,

as if relying on each other.

Those hands slowly slipped away,

Leaving you leaning.

You feel the weight loss, slowly

not all at once, as distance grows.

You yearn for those hands to be there

again, to have them back in your arms.

Crying whilst accusing yourself for your loss.

You’re in pain, but there’s no one

to support you.

And maybe you feel

that you’re losing

everything that you love.

Everything that you ever relied on.

Everyone that ever supported your weight.

And you cry to sleep every night.

But don’t forget this my friend,

You lose what you once loved

only because

You cared enough to feel the loss.


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