Month: November 2015

Green grass and hair plait

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”
This ancient proverb is so true, I find myself relating to it so many times.

Once in college a girl came to me and said,” Why did you stop tying a plait in your hair? I like yours, because I don’t know how to tie them in my own hair.”

Like, no! For me, this is so dumb, like yes thank you for your compliment, but don’t tell me that ‘you can’t do it’.

Tell me to teach you how to do it, I’ll be happy to. Don’t find happiness in other’s happiness if you can create your own.

You have been gifted with talent, use it. You have been gifted with a stable mind, and body. Don’t let it go to waste.


Forgetful Musings.

I find it really sad 
That people commit 
Only for the fact that their
Victim is forgiving. 
How many times 
Have you heard it?
“She’ll get over it.”
Yes, so does that mean 
That you play with our 
Hearts and break them into
Tiny shreds of muscle
Strewn like paper?
No. Your victim is strong
But someday it’ll all break away 
And you’ll not be forgiven
Because you got too many chances 
And you wasted them all away. 
Small sins, big mistakes, all alike.